The result of living for yourself affects your relationship with God in the long run as a Cold heart. Find out how you can turn this around to always love God.

In Troubled Waters

What is God doing when we are going through tough times? Sleeping in our stormy boat? If he is, then he is simply showing you what your response to your situations should be. Do not be afraid, believe in God that he cares, and believe in Jesus Christ that he advocates on our behalf to God. God has drawn a tattoo of you on his palm, so he will always be in remembrance of you. Click to read more about “Troubled Waters” by Gregory Ruth.

THE SEARCH FOR GOD; Satisfying your Greatest Desire.

Can God really be found? Why is He so hard to find? How can you find a person you cannot see?

Breaking news for you, our search for God leads us into a greater knowledge of him, and a greater desire to search all the more for him. The reward of our unending search for God is true satisfaction. Click to read more.