No Condemnation

How often you feel condemned for the things you have done or not done. How often you allow guilt trip you from a perfect relationship you once had with God. How often you wonder if you are ever redeemable, feeling like you deserve no forgiveness. It is then to you that our gentle Saviour speaks these words, “You are not condemned.” Click to read this post.


Love is of God – we can try to replicate it, but only with his help can we truly love. So when he says he loves us, it is something we truly haven’t felt, at least not until we let ourselves fall in live with him too. Click to read more.

How God Forgives

Everyone forgives to a certain extent. Some things are harder to forgive than others. Forgiving an offense depends on a lot of things on our parts, but what about God? How does He forgive? To what extent will God forgive you? Click to read!