No Condemnation

How often you feel condemned for the things you have done or not done. How often you allow guilt trip you from a perfect relationship you once had with God. How often you wonder if you are ever redeemable, feeling like you deserve no forgiveness. It is then to you that our gentle Saviour speaks these words, “You are not condemned.” Click to read this post.

ILLUMINATE – God’s Provision in a Dark World

Light! It is God’s response to a dark world. How does God show that he has not abandoned humanity? What is his response to those who seek him by his works?
Jesus said to Philip, “…the words I speak are not my own, but my Father who lives in me does his work through me.” Click to read “Illuminate” by Amarachi Nwaire.


Knowing God in the midst of certain circumstances can be really difficult. The devils greatest weapon is doubt, and he plays his trump card to make us doubt who God is and who God says we are in Him. Click to read more.