The Gospel is God’s power to salvation for anyone who believes. The law came by Moses and wrought guilt, shame and death. But grace and truth came through Jesus Christ, he has revealed the Father to us. We are forgiven and empowered.

God’s Workings in us

He is the Life that gives us life. The compass that guides us true, our North Star. His turnings are not without purpose, he uses our situations and positions in life to shape us.

The Greatest Showman

The greatest way to show a person how much you love them is to hold their hand before the entire world to see that you are not ashamed of them. And when one person dares speaks against them, your voice is fiercer and your grip on their hand firmer. Love is not ashamed, it is proud to show off the object of its affection.


The result of living for yourself affects your relationship with God in the long run as a Cold heart. Find out how you can turn this around to always love God.