Have you ever wondered about what makes death so fearful?. Why the mere thought of loosing a loved one is as frightening as crimson moon in broad day light. Not only is this thought of death fearful, but it’s saddening and strips it’s victim of every iota of joy. For instance, before now, when I think about my loved ones and I reminisce at our moments together, the good, the bad and the happy ones, the thought of loosing them to the cold hands of death one day creeps in. Instantly, I’m filled with grief and become helpless in my thoughts. However, I wasn’t left in this helpless state for long, as I got a revelation that turned this feeling of sorrow into Joy. I found out that what makes death so fearful is the thought of it’s permanence, that the death of an individual marks the end of the life of that individual. Well, truth be told, it’s quite scary and  wasteful, if truly our death here on earth determines the end of our lives, and all that we lived for, not being quantifiable into something worthwhile. What if I told you that death here on earth is not the end, that life after here is worth waiting for and rejoicing over even while being alive,  because it’s a life in Christ, a life forever more.

In Hebrews 2: 14-15 Because God’s children are human beings–made of flesh and blood, Jesus also became flesh and blood by being born in human form. For only as a human being could he die, and only by dying could he break the power of the Devil, who had the power of death. Only in this way could he deliver those who have lived all their lives as slaves to the fear of dying.” (NLT). This passage in the bible tells of the victory of Jesus over death, how we were once slaves to the fear of death as a result of sin which was innate in man. This goes to show that as believers we have been freed from the captivity of the fear of death which the devil had over us. In the same vein, when we loose a loved one, we don’t mourn as those without hope of a life after here, but as those whose hope is in the knowledge that  a glorious life after here awaits us in Heaven. Therefore, it is imperative that the Gospel, which is the good news is shared with any and everyone we come across, from family to friends, strangers, acquaintances etcetera. This is because, the only requirement to live this glorious life after here is to believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the atonement of our sins. In John.11.25-26 Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die like everyone else, will live again. They are given eternal life for believing in me and will never perish. Do you believe this?” (NLT). I’m not promising you that when you loose a loved one to death, you won’t feel the pain, you most definitely will, but If the person died believing in Christ then I implore you to focus on the greater joy, because in the actual sense, it is at that point that the promised eternal life is wholly experienced.

 I once saw a post on social media where a girl lost her grand father and they had just buried him, she wrote something that caught my attention in the post, which is a question I wonder about now whenever  I hear about the death of someone. She said the first thing she thinks about when someone looses his or her life, is if that life was lived for God, if the person believed in Jesus and  gave his or her life to Christ before his demise. Over time, the question “have you given your life to Jesus” have come off as a cliché kind of question and many people breeze past it cause it has been asked so many times, but what we don’t realize is that the numerous times it has been asked doesn’t repress it’s importance, because it is only something that is important that is emphasized on over and over again, so the actual meaning is gotten and well understood. So, I pose this question to you again, “HAVE YOU GIVEN YOUR LIFE TO CHRIST?”. If yes, rejoice for you have an eternal life, just as Jesus died and rose from the dead, never to die again, you also, having the life of Christ in you can boast and say to death , “Oh death, where is your sting!. However, if your answer to the question I asked earlier is No, then I ask you again, what do you really have to loose? Would you rather live in all your guilt of your sins when there is one who by the shedding of his blood already made a down payment for you to live a  guiltless life, free from the burdens of life, free from merry go rounding in the nothingness that life has to offer and promising you a life after death here on earth, if you ask me there’s no better deal than that. Your only responsibility is that you believe in Him and even after believing in Him, he promises to keep you from falling when you feel weak; Romans 8.38-39 And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from his love. Death can’t, and life can’t. The angels can’t, and the demons can’t. Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow, and even the powers of hell can’t keep God’s love away. Whether we are high above the sky or in the deepest ocean, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord (NLT), not unless you keep rejecting him for no reason.

I leave you with this to ponder on, if Solomon with all his immerse wealth, knowledge and wisdom could say that all material things we chase in life is vanity upon vanity, meaningless in it’s entirety, then what are you really struggling for, why not place your hope in the one who promises to give you a glorious life, that doesn’t wreak of havoc but of peace, joy, love and sound mind, a heart that has conquered the fear of death?

Christian writer, former atheist said,

“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance, the only thing it cannot be is moderately important.”

C. S. Lewis

What this means is that if you choose Christianity, and at the end of the day it is all a lie, you have really lost nothing. But if you choose God, and he remains true, then you have gained everything.

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