Ever tried knowing someone so badly and the person does not return same energy?

What does it mean to know? To know means to have knowledge of something in somebody.

As believers, we believe that Christ is risen, and we accept Him as Lord over our lives and this does not stop here, in return, God adopts us and makes us co-heirs with His Son. Hence, the family consists of God the Father, Jesus the firstborn and then us. God loves humanity to the extent that He gave Himself for us.

Why Love us so much?

Before the creation of man, God had His angels but there was no one He could call a friend; hence the creation of man for relationship. When He created man, He created people of same nature with Him; people that look like him.

Psalm 82 vs 6

“I said, ‘You are gods’; you are all sons of the Most High.”

When the first man fell, guilt and shame became a barrier for fellowship with God. As sin increased on earth, so did man become alienated from God because God could not live in a world of sin without judging it. This was the reason for grace. God gave himself as an atonement for our sins; that instead of us facing immediate judgement, we can now swap places with Christ. With this new covenant, we are cleansed and made guiltless by the blood of Jesus.

We always have this particular cloth, jewellery, shoe that we love so much and don’t want it to get old or dirty so we keep it and guard it well but even if we want to keep it forever, it still fades or goes out of fashion. When we give our lives to Christ, we are washed by His blood, and continuous cleansing make us new; that is we never get old, we never fade, we become anew again. What manner of love this is!

He keeps on making us clean by His power. By the blood of Christ, our bodies become a home for His Spirit to dwell in, giving us room for constant fellowship with God. Presently, we can relate with Christ perpetually. This power in us makes us spirit beings; John 3:6 NIV: “Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.” Romans 8:14-15 NIV: “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. 15The Spirit you have received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And we cry “Abba, Father.”

Why Doubt?

Why put in effort to believe that the One that bought and holds you in high esteem would not want to fellowship with you?

Why feel you can’t hear from God? This is what makes you a baby Christian; because you know little of God.

Most times, our hearts are clouded with “what if’s” and they have closed doors for us to access or to relate with God.

When we choose to believe in God and make Him our Father, the prince of this world (the devil) has lost a citizen of his kingdom and will do anything to get that one back. His strength is limited because we are in the abode of God, so He fights by playing tricks with our minds, bringing doubt and making us believe in false things. He tries to use unbelief to cloud our minds on the capability of God. Remember the Bible calls him a roaring lion, he falsified THE TRUTH.

When doubt comes in, remember your stand in Christ. Why won’t God build a relationship with you when He gave Himself for you?

Why would He not hold you in high esteem after the experience He went through on the cross just to redeem you?

 It can only be lies from the devil to make you want to believe that you are not worthy of this fellowship or that you can’t hear Him speak. As Christians, we are all called and chosen, and we have a place in God.

Sin cannot hold you down or stop you from knowing the Father if you are a believer.

If I attempt to bark like a dog or jump like a frog, I still remain human and not an animal. I can only become an animal if I change my DNA. I am a christian except I deny Christ. Yes I might fall into sin but that does not make me a sinner.

Romans 8:1- 2 NIV: “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus…”

Grace has reconciled you to Christ because through Christ Jesus, the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.

Christ has broken you from the bondage of sin; hence you are a believer till you deny Christ.

Sin only holds you down when you have not been washed by the blood.

If God does not condemn you, then why condemn yourself? See yourself the way God sees you. Hold yourself in high esteem. You are His child, you can know Him, you can hear Him speak, and you can definitely see Him.

The knowing

Accepting Christ in our hearts means we accept Him in His fullness. Necessity demands that we build a relationship with those we accept into our hearts, same as our relationship with God, when we accept Him we learn to hear His voice. People often ask if we must hear God, or why can’t sign’s be sufficient when he is speaking to us. My response to this question is this; if you are living with someone for years; perhaps your spouse, why talk to him/her when you can use signs? Why communicate or say I love you when you can demonstrate it with flowers? As this does not make complete sense so is it when I hear Christians who do not want to hear from God or feel they can’t hear from God. The truth is we are God’s brides. Our bride price is through the blood of Jesus. Just as a bride knows her groom so are we to know God. God knows us, loves us and is waiting for us to reciprocate. Knowing takes place when we closely observe and communicate. We can’t fully know from afar. We need to take cognizance from a close view.

When I was little, my dad spent little time with the family due to his job description. Funny how I could tell you I knew him; we stay in the same house why won’t I know him so well. I could go ahead to list the characteristics I know. Later while growing up I got to spend more time with him and then I realized that I did not know my dad. I began to learn things and see things from a different angle.

God used this to teach me why we need to come close. At first I felt I knew my dad until he devoted time to be with us. The thing is we stay in same house but hardly communicate and that is what we do to God. We wake up greet Him good morning, and then live independent of him forgetting that we were bought, but when we get hurt or when things don’t work the way we planned, we run back into His arms and remember our dependent nature as man.

To know God, we must create adequate time for Him. The bible tells us to pray without ceasing (1Thessalonians 5:17), that is the best way to know God; continuous communication with God at all times.

By His amazing grace, I’m one with Him, I can fellowship, I can know Him; you too can ❤

What will stop you from enjoying free access to God is you choosing sin and not believing in Him.

With a word of prayer you can join this big family of ours;

  “Dear Father, I admit that I am a sinner and I pray that you cleanse me with your blood, make me anew. I accept you to be God over my life and my saviour. Thank you because I am part of your family now. Amen”

If you said this prayer, welcome to the family!

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  1. Penny oni says:

    Thanks for this wonderful piece ❤

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    1. Daniel Azenabor says:

      Thank you, and God bless you! 😊❤
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