The Gospel is God’s power to salvation for anyone who believes. The law came by Moses and wrought guilt, shame and death. But grace and truth came through Jesus Christ, he has revealed the Father to us. We are forgiven and empowered.

God’s Workings in us

He is the Life that gives us life. The compass that guides us true, our North Star. His turnings are not without purpose, he uses our situations and positions in life to shape us.

No Condemnation

How often you feel condemned for the things you have done or not done. How often you allow guilt trip you from a perfect relationship you once had with God. How often you wonder if you are ever redeemable, feeling like you deserve no forgiveness. It is then to you that our gentle Saviour speaks these words, “You are not condemned.” Click to read this post.

The Greatest Showman

The greatest way to show a person how much you love them is to hold their hand before the entire world to see that you are not ashamed of them. And when one person dares speaks against them, your voice is fiercer and your grip on their hand firmer. Love is not ashamed, it is proud to show off the object of its affection.

Steadfast In A Changing World

“In a world that is evolving in culture and beliefs, what is the gospel stance? How do we remain steadfast in a changing world? What changes should we be receptive to or block out?”

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“To trust is to know. What we know of God is far from a ‘chip of a block’ it’s no wonder we find difficulty in trusting Him. Learn how to trust God and live in his enduring promises and goodness.”


The waiting room can get uncomfortable especially when we feel something should be happening. Sometimes it is necessary to pause and breathe to achieve more. More importantly, waiting is not wasting, not to God.


The result of living for yourself affects your relationship with God in the long run as a Cold heart. Find out how you can turn this around to always love God.

Fear and Faith – How God Glorifies you.

It is hardly ever rare that we are without fear or worry. But just as His Grace is made abundant when sinking in the quicksand of sin, God provides faith in a worrying heart and glorifies it to be something much more.
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The Marriage – God’s Resolve to Dwell in Mankind

Marriage is ordained and blessed by God. Everything God does is with a purpose. Does the purpose of marriage end with procreation or are there other purposes for which it was ordained? What lessons does marriage teach us about God?

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SCRAP METALS – What You Truly Worth

Hey, dear scrap! Rejected useless worthless piece of trash! That’s what they called you? And you believed them?
Though you have been rejected, God has not rejected you, neither will he. He was stripped, mocked, beaten; that was the price he paid to get you.
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ILLUMINATE – God’s Provision in a Dark World

Light! It is God’s response to a dark world. How does God show that he has not abandoned humanity? What is his response to those who seek him by his works?
Jesus said to Philip, “…the words I speak are not my own, but my Father who lives in me does his work through me.” Click to read “Illuminate” by Amarachi Nwaire.

FIGHTING TEMPTATIONS – How To Rise When You Fall And Remain Standing

Would Grace be Grace if God really left you to find your own way? No. Faith depends on God for salvation. God being faithful is then responsible for you. If you must depend on him to be saved, it means he must find a way for you to remain saved, and indeed he has. Now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God our saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen. Click to read more on “Fighting Temptations” by Daniel Azenabor.

In Troubled Waters

What is God doing when we are going through tough times? Sleeping in our stormy boat? If he is, then he is simply showing you what your response to your situations should be. Do not be afraid, believe in God that he cares, and believe in Jesus Christ that he advocates on our behalf to God. God has drawn a tattoo of you on his palm, so he will always be in remembrance of you. Click to read more about “Troubled Waters” by Gregory Ruth.


The pain left by death is often hard to bear. But there is victory even in death, this is because we can belong to a race over whom death has no power. Click to read about the ‘Never die gang’ by Joy Etimighan.


“He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.” Salvation is by God, not from us. Those who hope on him, are, and shall be saved. Click to read.


Knowing God in the midst of certain circumstances can be really difficult. The devils greatest weapon is doubt, and he plays his trump card to make us doubt who God is and who God says we are in Him. Click to read more.


Love is of God – we can try to replicate it, but only with his help can we truly love. So when he says he loves us, it is something we truly haven’t felt, at least not until we let ourselves fall in live with him too. Click to read more.


Joy is eternal, it belongs to God. To find and experience joy independent of the material world, you must come to God, and be in his rest. Joy is God’s experience, and he shares that experience with us when we come to him. Click to read more.

How God Forgives

Everyone forgives to a certain extent. Some things are harder to forgive than others. Forgiving an offense depends on a lot of things on our parts, but what about God? How does He forgive? To what extent will God forgive you? Click to read!


“What really matters in your life? A lot of us seek approval from those we care about the most, but how does that affect us? Why should whose approval we prioritize matter to us?

What we prioritize over our lives is who we truly worship, whether someone or something you love, or something you are so fixed on – like your problems. Click to read more

Two Kingdoms – Where Evil comes from.

God has given us salvation through his son, our salvation is reserved in heaven for us. Are we then not saved also from our daily sufferings and pains? Does God see what we go through? Is heaven the only hope we have? How is God then good if he will not take sufferings away from the world? If he created all things, did he not also create evil? Where does evil come from?
Two kingdoms talks about the source of evil and the hope we have while we are still in this world. Click to read.

One Lost Sheep; God’s Greed or Love?

Christianity is often talked about as humans submitting to God. What exactly does God want from us? Is He too greedy to let go of one lost sheep that is not even interested in him, or is he really helplessly in love with us?

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Satisfying your Greatest Desire 1: The Search for God.

Can God really be found? Why is He so hard to find? How can you find a person you cannot see?

Breaking news for you, our search for God leads us into a greater knowledge of him, and a greater desire to search all the more for him. The reward of our unending search for God is true satisfaction. Click to read more.